Dental Implant Restorations in the Philippines

With the advent of dental implants has changed the way we practice dentistry and has increased the treatment options available to patients. Patients are also becoming more knowledgeable and thus requesting more esthetic restorations. For a dental implant restoration to be more esthetic and long lasting, we need to respect biology and function.

Excellence in white and pink esthetics needs to be achieved to produce good results. Case selection remains an important criteria to achieve predictable results. Predictable in a sense that a functional and esthetic dental implants can be attained when diagnosis, treatment planning and site preparation are done with cooperation of the cooperation of the implant dentist, surgeon and dental technician.

New implant materials and the introduction of high technology makes the cost of dental implants lower and thus tempting to patients. The introduction of new dental implant systems make it possible to obtain optimum esthetic results with such low price. they also offer significant mechanical and biological advantages.

Why foreigners choose the Philippines? The cost of dental implants in the Philippines is much lower compared to other countries. Yet the quality of dental implant service is excellent and world class. Currently, there is a marked increase in treating patients who come to the Philippines primarily for dental implant services.

Prosthodontic Treatment Planning

Dental implant placement requires proper treatment planning through a prosthodontic approach. Prosthetic planning ensures the clinician a guided and simplified surgical implant fixture placement with a desirable implant restoration. With an implant restoration approach, the restorative dentist will have lesser implant complications with their patients.